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Resignation letter format is essential when you have decided to quit the job and wanted to avoid the misunderstandings during the notice period. Resignation letter format helps you to formally resign respectfully as well as maintain the long term connection with your boss.

A resignation letter format lets you officially announce your termination at the company, and also provides important housekeeping information, like your last day and other details about your exit. Continue to read this article to understand the professional resignation letter format to draft one for you.

In case you have the email facility in your organization, you can draft a professional resignation email by referring to a resignation email format. If your organization has an online system or portal to formally resign, you must submit your resignation in it.

Use these Resignation Letter samples submitted by Employees

Resignation Letter Format

Resignation letter format is very important in order to cover all the areas which are associated with your resignation. A professional resignation letter format will help you to smooth transition of your exit process. Lets understand the resignation letter format.

Who Do You Give Job Resignation Letter To?

You must know to whom you are submitting the resignation letter. Generally your immediate reporting manager is the person to whom you submit your resignation letter.

Copy Of Resignation Letter

You should also know the Human Resource (HR) manager to whom you are submitting the copy of resignation letter. If you don't know the HR manager then you can ask your reporting manager for the same. It is absolutely important that your HR manager is notified about your resignation letter.

What is a good subject line for resignation letter?

Subject of resignation letter should be self explanatory. I have received many resignation letters till now in my career. Most commonly used subject line of resignation letter are

  1. Subject: Resignation
  2. Subject: My Resignation
  3. Subject: Resignation - [M S Dhoni]
  4. Subject: Letter of Resignation
  5. Subject: Resigning from [Bhel]

Resignation letter Format

Resignation letter format for writing a resignation letter does not require any creativity, just state the position you’re resigning from and the effective date. Resignation letter need not describe the reasons for leaving, you should discuss it with your reporting manager or boss before you are submitting the resignation letter.
Keeping it simple resignation letter is perfectly fine. Resignation letter also gives you the opportunity to say thanks to the organization. Additionally, you may offer to help find your replacement, or agree to finish certain projects and tasks before your last day in the resignation letter format.

Below are the sections of the letter that you can use to draft yours.

Section 1: Describe yourself

Start your letter by stating your position (designation) along with the organization name. This is necessary since the letter is your official termination, it’s important to include. Then, follow this information with a simple statement of your resignation.

Section 2: Mention on the positives

Mention about how you’ve grown, what you’ve appreciated most about your time at the organization. Reflect the professional development opportunities, appreciate organization culture, and the support that you received. It is nice for your manager or employer to receive a thank you for the time and resources they have used to support your career growth.

Section 3: Where you are headed next (optional)

This is an optional section and need to mention if you are switching organization to pursue a passion, or going for higher studies. However, you do not want to mention this section if you are leaving the organization for a competitor.

Section 4: Propose to assist in the transition

In this section, mention your willingness to make the transition smoother or easier. It’s impressive if you include specific details regarding how you’ll help in transition.

Section 5: Outline your workload & last day at work (optional)

This is an optional section and briefly review the work you'll be surrendering when you officially leave the organization. This will help your manager to prepare your replacement to pick your work and determine how it will continue to achieve the project goals. List all the projects and tasks you've been in charge of to make the transition even easier. Providing an end date in this section is helpful, since that’s one of the first questions your employer is going to have. You may wanted to have early exit and hence to mention it here will be helpful.

Let's see how a simple yet professional resignation letter format looks like considering above steps.

Dear [Sir/Madam or mention name of your manager],

This is to inform you that I am resigning from my position of [your designation], for [company name], on [date of resignation letter].

I really appreciate the experience and growth opportunities I have gained while working with [company name]. Thank you for all the support.

If I can help in any way to ease the transition, please let me know.

Please accept this letter as formal notification of my resignation and let me know if I can get early release by [date].

Thanks and Regards,

[your name]

Don't forget to resign in the organization system or portal

If your organization is having a on line system or portal where employee needs to submit their resignation, then you must complete it before you are submitting resignation letter to your manager.

Mention about your resignation in organization system or portal

If you have submitted your resignation in the on line system or portal of your organization, then you can mention about it in the resignation letter.

I request you to approve my resignation on organization portal and allow me to move.

I hope the above Resignation letter format has helped you in drafting your professional resignation letter.

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