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Temp Mail is the temporary disposable mail or email. Email is one of the most frequently used forms of access to online websites. It is an entry into your online banking services, your social media accounts, your website and other online areas of your life.

All these online services or websites ask you to register to access or view contents, post comments or download something. If one want to avoid use of his or her personal email or hide own identity then they use temp mail or temp email to access the contents of online services or websites. Temp mail also helps you to protect your email from spam and stay safe.

What is Temp Mail?

Temp Mail is the temporary disposable mail or email. Temp Mail provides temporary, anonymous, secure and disposable email address. There are temp mail services available on line which are also known as temp mail, 5 minute email, 10 minute mail, 20 minute mail, throwaway email, fake mail or trash mail. These temp email generator Tool allows you to make 1min, 5 min, 1 day ,1 week temp email which is auto-deleted after a specific time.

1. Better ways to use Temp Mail

Temp mail or temp email addresses can be used for testing purpose. Many a times tester's come across use cases where they need to test the scenario where thousands of user's logged in with their email id's to the website or services. It is very hard to get these many valid email ids and do testing. In such testing scenarios temp mail can be very useful.

2. Bad ways to use Temp Mail

Temp mail is often used for email marketing with the purpose of fraud. The main purpose of a temp email is to steal sensitive personal information. As such, it’s not uncommon for temp emails to contain links or attachments that ask you to submit information such as your bank account number or credit card number. Most of the times you will find that there is no need to submit such information via email as the bank or business in question would already have it on file. You can do anonymous sign up to use temp mail for facebook, twitter, instagram or any other social websites.

3. Other ways to use Temp Mail

Many websites ask visitors to register through email before they can view the contents of website. Most of the times you are accessing these websites only for once and you don't want to expose your personal mail with them. In such case, visitor can use temp mail to view contents. Also, there are forums, Wi-Fi owners and blogs ask visitors to register their mail before they can view content, post comments or download something. Temp mail or temp email addresses can be used in these scenarios where you don't want them to contact you through mail.

How to identify Temp Mail?

Temp Mail is often have a subject line which will create an surprise or fear for you and divert your attention to read it.
Ex. Final Notice, Unauthorized login attempt, there is unusual activity on your account, Your Loan is approved, transaction failed alert etc. Ensure that you are not opening such mails directly without checking sender's mail id or address.

fake mail, temp mail

You need to look at the sending email address and the email header to identify temp mail. The ability to distinguish between a real email and a temp mail or fake mail also depends on email client.

If you are using Gmail, you can verify email very quickly by simply moving your mouse pointer over the name of the sender. Refer to the above image to see how Gmail shows the email id or address of the sender. Temp mail id will be combination of the alphanumeric characters which you can not read easily or meaningless like in the above temp mail image. If you ever get mail from any of such mail id's, then you shouldn’t trust the emails at all and mark the mail as temp mail or spam mail.

Temp Mail For Facebook (fb)

Temp Mail for Facebook (fb) is required to signup in facebook due to various reasons. While sign up Facebook ask you for your email address to get the activation link. Most of the times, you use your persoanl mail id for facebook sign up. Once activation is done, Facebook starts sending the emails to your email account. Within few days, you may see hundreds or even thousands of emails from facebook in your inbox. After some time you might be considering it as a spam mails. Some people try to use their electronic mail only for business and work, and avoid specifying their valid email address anywhere for other purposes. In such case you may want temp mail for facebook sign up. There could be more reasons you may have apart from the one I have mentioned here.

temp mail for facebook, temp mail for fb

There are websites which provides temp mail (temporary email) services. You need to visit one of them in order to use a temp mail provided by them. Sign up facebook with a temp mail and activate it from the temp mail providers website.

You can delete the temp mail once activation is done. This way you can use the temp mail for facebook login. Sometimes temp mail for facebook sign up may not work and give you an error for invalid email id. Temp mails which are created from a common or most used temp mail websites are blocked for registration on facebook. In such case, you can try different temp mail provider for creating a temp mail for facebook.

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